June 16, 2012

Library propaganda

The Pirates and I have a little thing where we raise an arm in the air and shout, "To the library!" Uber nerdy, I know.

I thought it would be fun to make a little poster for their bookshelf, using superhero-meets-Steve Thomas's-awesome-arcade-propaganda as inspiration. (Look familiar? We bought five of them for Ben's man den at our old house.)

No, they can't read it yet, but let's be honest - 90% of the stuff we give our kids is really for us, am I right?

Any critiques before I get it printed?

P.S. If you want a copy, click here for the high res original, and here for a high res poster sized (18"x24") version.


  1. OMG awesomesauce! You probably don't remember the one time I commented on your blog. I'm friends with Eryn, and I stalk you adorable pirates from a few continents away. Would you mind sharing with me the full-size file? I would love to put this in my classroom! My e-mail is blowe4310@gmail.com Libraries shall never die!

  2. Totally fantastic, I love it! I want a copy too!!! I know you have my email address!

  3. Lisa- it is love.... I DEFINITELY need my own pirates one day so I can subject them to all the kids books I want to read again :) x


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