April 20, 2012

Two tomorrow

This is officially the last day that the Pirates are one year old.

Guess which son is the daredevil in the family? I swear I spend half my time yelling, "Chairs are for sitting!"

We're heading to the zoo for their second birthday tomorrow - just the four of us checking out a whole lot of animals, which I'm stupidly excited about.

Pirate Two's patented "Bitch, please" face.

Everyone says that you won't believe how fast your children grow up - that it seems like only yesterday they were tiny newborn babies - and this is often true.

Gotta love that baby vampire look that canines give toothy little kids.

On the other hand, when half your photos look like this, sometimes you kinda hope the days pass even faster.

Why yes, I DID just sit there and take a photo while they tried to kill each other. Mother of the Year, right here.

It's a good thing they're cute, eh?


  1. Wow, they're so huge now!

    Happy Birthday Pirates!!!

    Oh, and I totally woulda sat there and took pics of them murdalizing each other!

  2. When did they get to look like grown men?!?!?!

    Happy Birthday Pirates, be good for your mamma today!

  3. Happy birthday to the pirates :D

    Our little guy was born 9 days ago :) Yep, we're parents. God help the little guy.


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