April 15, 2012

A few things

Have you seen this birthday calendar for fictional characters? Ernie (of Sesame Street fame) and I share a birthday. This is AWESOME.

Repeat after me: I do not need a $248 quilt. Even though it would look awesome in our new bedroom. But still. Do not need.

Have you seen this time-lapse composite of the views in Rear Window? Super cool.

It says a lot about my nerdy tendencies that I would totally use this glass half pint milk carton. I mean come on - how cool is that?! (Also-but-not-quite-as-cool: this sundial ring. Who needs modern technology when you have the mighty power of the sun! Also-also: what did we do before thinkgeek?)

1 comment:

  1. Skip the valance, but definitely get the doona. You must.


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