February 12, 2012

No kids + raw fish = happy Lisa

Today is the single most exciting day in the history of the world. Or at least the history of Lisa. Today is the start of a week long vacation - and not just any vacation! A vacation where the majority of the time, Ben and I will be......wait for it......totally child-free.

I'll give you parents of toddlers a moment to recover from your overwhelming envy.

My amazing in-laws somehow agreed to watch our hellions adorable children for FIVE WHOLE NIGHTS while Ben and I chill in Sydney. We're traveling to their house today, where I'll spend two nights getting the boys settled in before escaping to the coast for the rest of the week

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am! Sleeping in as long as I want! Dawdling over meals instead of shoveling in a piece of cold toast as fast as I can before the Pirates start flinging food around the room like little cavemen! Strolling through a store without sprouting seventeen extra arms to stop children from grabbing every.single.thing within reach! Sitting by a pool with a book and a drink involving fruit and copious amounts of rum! I know I'll miss the boys more than I can say, but at the same time - WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Oh, and perhaps the most important thing of all about this trip: there will be sushi. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, that would be it - and yet for the past five years, I have lived in sushi-free towns. (Arguably, there was a restaurant that served sushi at the last place we lived. I tried it once. It involved canned tuna, corn kernels, slices of carrot and globs of mayonnaise. 'Nuff said.) So for the six days I'm in Sydney, I intend to eat so much sushi every day that Ben will have to roll me into the hotel elevator.

I'm not taking my laptop, but I'll steal Ben's smartphone (yes, I live in the Dark Ages and don't have one - they don't give 'em away for free here and I'm a tightass) so I can still post occasionally. You know, pictures of sushi and whatnot. 


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