January 16, 2012

The Joy of Books

I'm sure by now you've see Sean and Lisa Ohlenkamp's video of organizing their bookcase (if you haven't, check it out - it's quite charming, not to mention more than a skosh OCD), and now they - with the help of about 20 other people - have done it to a bookstore as well:

I love this so much, and a small, insane part of my brain kind of wants to sneak into a bookstore and do this, although I know that could only end in tears and a night in jail.

P.S. VW - I'm digging through photos from the beginning of the parade. Is this your father's car? It's a truly terrible shot, sorry. :(


  1. Love the book thing, totally want to do that!
    And yes!!! That's him. I must put out he has an Elvis wig on.

  2. *point out, oops!
    Also, dad's car is left hand drive, no wonder the other one didn't seem quite right.

  3. Lovin' the book videos! I hadn't seen that before, but Bean and I got a kick outta them!


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