January 15, 2012

Elvises on parade

Here they are - photos from the Elvis Festival parade! It was a lot bigger than I expected and took nearly an hour - I spent several hours last night just sifting through photos for this post.

We arrived with only minutes to spare before the parade, and ended up a couple of rows back instead of right at the front of the crowd, which was unfortunate. (Also: it turns out that it's also REALLY hard to focus a camera one-handed while balancing a toddler on the opposite hip. Just FYI.)

Sadly, I didn't get a single good shot of Ben (or, as we called him for the day, BElvis) on his float - I was so busy trying to point him out to the boys that I totally missed my opportunity. You can kinda sorta see him here:

And here:

That was the best I got. Boo. Moving on...

Beer Sponsored Elvis with Bonus Showgirls!

Lady Elvis on stilts!

Not Elvis, but check out this groovy old caravan! (Or motorhome, whatever. They call 'em caravans here.)

A Wiggle of Elvises from the back...

 ...and from the front!

Semi-Hawaiian Elvis, and Mini-Elvis With Attitude:

Buzz Lightyear Elvis! (I don't know. Really, I don't. He was on a float with a model of The Dish, so I'm guessing it was supposed to be some kind of alien reference.)

Wartime Elvis!

Rubber Head Elvises! (Are these creepy to anyone else, or is it just me?)

Motorcycle Elvis and Friend! 

Three Not Elvis Chicks playing what I think was Don't Be Cruel on violins!

I'm In A Cool Car Elvis!

I'm In A Cooler Car And I Have Angel Girlfriends So Neener Neener Devil Elvises:

Vegemite Wife - is this your father's car? If so, sorry I couldn't get a clearer shot of the driver's face (assuming that's him).

I have no idea what this thing was. Something powered by pedalling? Whatever it was, it started making a horrible grinding noise right as it hit the finish line.

Since I couldn't get a good shot of him on the float, I made Ben BElvis pose once we all met up after the parade. The expressions on the faces of the people behind him crack me up:

The hideous styling of that wig was my doing. Apparently I should never be allowed near artificial hair.

The boys were remarkably unperturbed by the sight of their father in a spangled jumpsuit, as you can see from the bored expression on Pirate Two's face:

I was expecting the festival to be a bit tiring, but it was actually a lot of fun! Cheesy as hell, but everyone there was clearly having a blast (and no one was taking it too seriously), and that attitude was really infectious!

Ben found out that morning that employees' families are encouraged to ride the company float as well, so now he's lobbying for the Pirates and I to join him next year as Priscilla and twin mini-Elvises and see what it's like from the other side. Think we should do it?


  1. It certainly looks like his car, except I spoke to him last night and he said that he was at the front of the parade behind the police car and the marching band and that he had the Reigning Elvis King (apparently this is something judged each year), the town crier and Priscilla in the back and my niece (a mini-priscilla) in the front.
    Though, he has had a brain hemm last year, so who knows. Maybe they used the car twice?
    Love the pictures though - well done!!

  2. There were two Galaxies there! Mystery solved! Did you get pics of the first one?

  3. Hi! Love your pics - you did really well! I too was at the Elvis Festival - with my friend Kelly - we took photos for the Cootamundra Herald and associated papers. I will look through my files and see if I have any pics of your Belvis! Cheers, Louise LLPHOTOGRAPHICS@GMAIL.COM


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