January 4, 2012


Yet another of the spoiled Pirates' Christmas gifts: an inflatable pool shaped like - what else? - a pirate ship!

Thar be Cap'n Wallace Knocknees (Pirate Two) in the front and Paraplegic Garrick Jones (Pirate One)
in the back, according to the Pirate Name Generator
Ben is Bad-Rum Bob and I'm Filthy Val Dawkins, in case you were wondering. 

Paraplegic Garrick Jones examines the inflatable binoculars.

Cap'n Wallace Knocknees practices his sword swinging. 
The odds of his survival in future duels are highly diminished by the fact that he's holding the wrong end.

 Pirates contemplating piratey things.

Have I mentioned that when the boys see a skull and crossbones these days, they yell out, "AAAARGH!" It is both hilarious and makes me strongly suspect that my poor nerdy children will be beaten up when they start school.

P.S. Also, have I posted my favorite pirate joke here yet?
Q: What do pirates and pimps have in common?
A: They both say "Yo, ho!" and walk with a limp.


  1. ROFL!!! I love that they say "Arrr" upon spying their standard. That is so freaking awesome! There's two of them though, the odds are in their favor when it comes to bullies.

    Oh, and since you linked to it, you know I had to try it!

    Me: Butterfingers Ann Marie
    Hubby: "Parrot-Got-Me-Eye" Benjamin
    Son: "Monkey" Nigel Teach
    Daughter: Stinkin' Ann Marie Dagger

    and yes, I totally played with the other name generators too

  2. So cute!! Love the pool and your pirates seem to be loving it too!

  3. Best pirate joke ever! Oh and the pool is pretty cool too!

  4. It still surprises me when I see pics of your kiddos swimming in the middle of winter! Except it's summer! I don't think I could ever get used to Christmas in the summertime.

  5. LOL Rachel, I KNEW you'd play with it!

    @lizy and LAW, it is incredibly cute, isn't it? (And LAW - I'm glad you like the joke, it cracks me up every time I tell it :P)

    @Courtney - I've been here for nearly 10 years now and I'm STILL not used to Christmas in summer. We're planning on going to the USA next Christmas and I can't wait for it to be cold so it really feels like Christmas to me. :)

  6. Oh I didn't just play with it, I went nuts all over it and ended up making a blog post of it, muahahahahaha!


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