January 3, 2012

All shook up

Every January, our town hosts an annual week long Elvis festival. Ben's company is a sponsor, and when my dad discovered that they also enter a float in the Elvis Street Parade, he promptly sent Ben a very special and not-so-subtle-hint for Christmas: 

Yeah. That's right. ELVIS BEN, bitches!

I can't post full length photos until the festival next week - wouldn't want to ruin the moment by sending you blind with horror ahead of time. So until then, you can console yourself with Mini Elvis Will, who thought he was pretty hot stuff in these sunglasses:

You've gotta admit - the kid makes them work!


  1. You are not in Parkes, right?? My home town!

  2. We are in Parkes. 8 months now :)

  3. Oh puh-lease, your kids are so cute they could make a paper bag work.

    Hey look, now you have a photo topic for tomorrow: pirates and paper bags, haha!

  4. Oh wow! I hope you like the place better than I did.


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