December 29, 2011

Ten minutes

One of the coolest things about having twins is watching them play together - especially when they get a cool new toy like a ride-on Caterpillar truck and matching toolbox, courtesy of their grandparents:


It is amazingly cute to see them push each other around on the truck, pass tools back and forth, and generally have a blast.

Of course, ten minutes later and they're screaming, biting, pulling hair and trying to gouge eyes with the handy dandy toy Cat screwdriver and hammer.

But you're better off focusing on the prior cuteness if you want to make it through the day. Yay for adorable playing pirates!


  1. Christmas was spent being fixated on one gift at a time and fighting over it like it was toddler gold. I'm glad your twins are better behaved than mine...even it it's for a few minutes!

  2. How are they this big already???? So cute :)


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