December 19, 2011

Operation: Fatass

Back in August, I made a startling discovery: I was totally fat. 

For a year and a half, I'd openly acknowledged my weight issues but comforted myself with the fact that I'd just had twins. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations for "I just had twins" reached its expiration date about a year ago. Dammit.

So I bought a scale (no, I didn't own one - it interfered with my s'more habit) and stepped on. Then immediately stepped off, gave myself a moment to recover, and tried again. The Number From Hell was still there, and it said I was sixty pounds overweight.



My first reaction was desperate complacency. I could live with that weight, right? My husband still loved me, my friends still hung out with me, I didn't have to buy muumuus or get airlifted by a crane. Sure, I was at greater risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes and blahbity blah blah blah. But dredging up the willpower to lose sixty pounds would be a lot worse, right?

And then I told myself to get over it and stop waiting to feel motivated, because when it comes to self deprivation, I would never feel motivated enough. And so Operation: Fatass was born.

Want to see a before shot? This was taken when the Pirates were less than a week old - note the hospital setting - and I have absolutely no idea how much I weighed. I would guess I was around 80lbs overweight, maybe more? Obviously this means it's not a totally accurate picture of how I looked when I started my health and fitness kick earlier this year, but I'm using it since it's the only photo I have post-pregnancy where you can see below my head and shoulders (body-conscious much?).

Be kind.

It's odd looking at photos of myself that overweight, because somehow I never saw myself that way - much the same way that a teensy weensy part of my brain is always startled to realize I'm no longer a 19 year old college student. Anyway, this is me today:

Ignore the crazy hair and the bag of kitty litter in the background. I'm full of class today.

I weigh less now than I did when we got married, but I still have another thirty pounds to lose. The first thirty have taken about 5 months, so I'm looking at another 5-6 months before I reach my goal.

Got questions? Ask 'em in the comments. I know weight loss is fascinating to most people and I don't mind!


  1. I was waiting for some before and afters ;) LOVE it! You have done such an amazing job, I'm SO proud of you girl!! :)

  2. Lisa, that's amazing progress! So proud!! Also? I'm amused that the "you also might like" posts included one titled "Everything is better with bacon."

  3. Way to go! I''m so proud of you! You look amazing, good work! I can't believe you are eating so much better. I need tasty, healthy recipes...

    I'm still struggling. One pound at a time... but for some reason those smores still taste so damn good! Help talk me away from them, please :)

  4. You look amazing. How do you get the motivation and will power to do it? I need to, desperately, but the willpower isn't there.....

  5. Bellisima! felicitaciones :)


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