October 16, 2011


I made chicken and dumplings for the first time ever this week. I rule...in a very domestic kind of way. In totally unrelated news, I may need to get out more.

I just tidied up my Google Reader subscriptions, which means I now need new blogs to clog it all up again. Let me know if you have any recommendations, m'kay?

I think the indescribably beautiful leg lamp from A Christmas Story should be the central theme of Ben's next man den when we - eventually - buy another house, don't you? I love you, thinkgeek.

I have a final assignment due on Friday, which makes watching old episodes of Friends and sorting photos of my children an excellent use of my time, no?
By the way, kids are the best procrastination tool EVER. Who needs assignments when you can play in the pool and eat paint instead? Wheeeee!


  1. Sorting out photos of my children is my favorite thing to procrastinate. May I suggest that you re clog up your Google Subscriptions with my blog, Cottage By The Sea. www.lorimcktia.blogspot.com
    I think I can be of good use to you for times you need to procrastinate when an assignment is due. You're welcome.

  2. Well, you can always clog yourself with me, of course, haha!

    Sorting pictures, period, is an excellent alternative means of getting work done. I use it quite regularly!

  3. I just had an omigod-lisa-has-twins moment. Lady, TWINS. You are my hero. That is all.


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