October 26, 2011

Movember approacheth

Rachel's comment on my last post reminded me that Movember is rapidly approaching, and we haven't had the annual 'Stache Vote yet!

From November 1 - 30, Ben will attempt to grow the soup strainer you guys select, all in the name of a kickass charity. Let's meet the five contenders, shall we?

The Albert Einstein
Sure, the pedigree is impeccable, but can Ben stand not to trim and end up with this much of a flavor saver?

The George Michael
Undoubtedly a dark horse in this race, but forcing my husband to mimic the dude from Wham!? Priceless. Then again...he'd be mimicking the dude from Wham! Ewww.

The Ringo Starr
Drummers are cool. Drummers for The Beatles are even cooler. Then again, there's the pesky issue of drummers spontaneously combusting. Dare we risk it?

The Iron Man
Tony Stark's super tidy mustache and beard combo is pretty kickass, but also pretty high maintenance. Think Ben can cope with that much trimming? (In case anyone is wondering: beards are frowned upon in Movember but since this one doesn't actually connect with the mustache, it's not technically illegal.)

The Inigo Montoya
Inigo has what is possibly the best movie line of all time. Worth growing the mustache for? It's certainly not inconceivable.

Made your choice? Vote below! 
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