October 31, 2011


We have a new rule in our house: the person who leaves the bathroom door open is the person who gets to fish the Pirates' toys out of the toilet. Ben is not such a fan of this rule.

Speaking of Ben: today is the last day to vote on the mustache he'll grow for Movember! The Iron Man is well ahead of the rest of the pack, but you never know...

And speaking of our house: the place we're living in right now is tiny. I'm talking smaller than my first apartment tiny. When we moved, I had a few people cheerfully tell me that the great advantage to small homes is that they're easy to clean. This is true. I can vacuum the entire house without ever changing to a new power outlet. The flip side is that small homes get dirty waaaaaay faster since the household's physical activity is more concentrated. 20 minutes after I vacuum, it looks like Satan unleashed a dirt demon in the house. Of course, with two 1.5 year olds, this isn't far from the truth...

I've haven't shrieked excitement about The Walking Dead being back! I love this show, which is surprisingly well written. And although there are occasional moments that make me hide my head under a pillow (when it comes to gore, I have the constitution of a 5 year old) the ick factor is secondary to the story of the survivors. It's absolutely one of the best things on TV right now, and certainly better than the alternative zombie-fest of Death Valley, which...well, let's just say I could only bring myself to watch one episode. It's THAT bad.

I have a final exam the day after tomorrow, which means I'm wisely using my precious study time blogging and shopping online for Christmas presents. Procrastination = awesome.

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