January 2, 2011

Project 365

I've decided to follow in the footsteps of oh, pretty much every other blogger on the planet and hop on the Project 365 bandwagon this year (yes, technically it's January 2 in Australia, but we'll pretend like it's January 1 since it still is in the States, m'kay?)

I'm starting out with a photo of - what else? - the Pirate Twins.

This may be my favorite photo of them ever. No joke.

It's swelteringly hot right now, we don't have A/C, they were sick of being indoors and we haven't bought a kiddy pool to sit in with them. So yesterday we whipped out the cooler, filled it halfway with water, and let them splash around in that a bit. Voila! Instant pool.

I doubt I'll be posting photos here every day, but if you're dying to be my groupie, you can follow along at my 365 profile here.


  1. I seriously LOVE that photo of the twins. That is just so 'Aussie'... the kids in the esky! Frame it. Stat. :-)

    Good luck with the 365. I started one last year and I didn't last. :-( I wish you the best though!

  2. Thanks Erin! LOL and thanks for the wishes...only 4 days in and I'm already going, "Hmm, what can I photograph today? I have nothing!" :P


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