May 2, 2009

My husband's disfigurement

Yesterday's post about our anniversary reminded me of something that happened before we got married. I didn't wear rings very often, so my engagement ring took some getting used to. One day I was rubbing the skin on my finger where the ring sat, feeling the growing indentation. Ben asked me what I was doing:

ME: "When you wear a ring all day for a long time, you eventually get a little indent in your finger."
BEN: "Indent?"
ME: "Yeah. And the area gets kind of shiny and lightly calloused as well."

There was a tiny pause while Ben absorbed this information, and then he squealed, "I'm going to be...DISFIGURED?!?" He was so horrified that he very nearly refused to wear a wedding ring at all. But naturally, I wore him down. As did his ring.

One year on, the disfigurement is well on its way.


  1. my husband also complains about his disfigurement

  2. LOL! Too funny. So worth it though.

  3. Brian doesn't wear his all the time. Only when he leaves the house. I've shown him my hideous dent, which I've had for about 8 years. When I got married, it got wider. After our 1st anniversary, it got even wider. :P


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