April 17, 2009

Zee Cruise: Pristine Beaches

This is Mystery Island:

Yes, the water is really that color. I thought it only existed in Photoshopped postcards.

It's an uninhabited island that's part of the Vanuatu group, and one of the prettiest places I've ever seen. We spent most of the day like this:

No, I am not that rock. I'm just too lazy to go to the effort to create an arrow that actually looks like it's pointing at the camera holder. Which would be me.

This is because as much as I love looking at the ocean, I don't really enjoy being in it. Or rather, I enjoy being in it, but don't like getting slapped in the face with salty water or treading on random and unidentifiable sharp/squidgy/slimy objects. My perfect ocean would be waveless, saltless, and free of squidgyness; in other words, not an ocean at all. So instead, I sit in the shade working on my pasty white glow while looking at scenery like this:

Scenery, top to bottom: spying on people walking along the beach, and spying on people playing with a boat (and walking along the beach).

And doing things like this:

"Things" = keep a huge, critically lauded book handy so that I look intelligent and/or like an enormous nerd for reading something other than chick lit on the beach.

After a while, we moseyed (have you ever moseyed? it's quite nice, I'd recommend it) to the center of the island, where the guesthouses and tourist center are. I have to say...I kind of wished we'd stayed on the beach. The tour sales, cheap merchandise and startlingly bad photo ops (try an enormous black cauldron you can climb inside while two of the locals dressed in grass skirts stand beside the pot in their best cannibalistic poses) cheapened the incredible beauty of the setting, and eventually we continued our mosey to the other side of the island, where Ben could splash in the ocean and I could continue my people watching:

Check out the swimmers - I'm told it was a nice place to snorkel, but since I have a tendency toward panic attacks when I put one of those little masks on (more on that in another post), I gave it a pass.

To my left (not in that shot) was a guy with a very nice camera taking photos of the beach. It took me a minute or two to realize that he was quite clearly zooming in on all the bikini-clad women. Nice.

But we won't focus Mr. Skeevy Camera Dude, because that's not the parting image I want to leave you with. Instead, how about we just look at this:

Ahhh. Much better.


  1. OMG!!! So lovely!!!
    I am WAY jealous!

  2. Haha. THe only reason I knew you HADN'T photoshopped these photos was the library stamp on the top pages of hte book.
    Yup, that's the overdue one, isn't it??


  3. wow, looks like an amazing getaway. nice pics too! what kind of camera are you using? (btw i love ur blog :)

  4. What a beautiful location. And I do the same thing when my husband and I go to the beach. :-) I love being at the beach, but not so much in the ocean. Reading and taking pictures - now that's my style.

  5. Oh - and I hate to snorkel, too!

  6. I love the captions, but it should say ... Husband set free!



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