April 22, 2009

Zee Cruise: Exotic Animals Made of Towels

One of the dorky joys of going on a cruise are the ubiquitous towel animals the housekeeping staff leave in your room every night.

We saw a stingray...

...an elephant...

...a dog (which my dad maintains is a pig, but I dunno - check out the tail)...

...a monkey...

...and this:

What IS this? Here's another angle:

We couldn't figure it out. An anteater? A horse with some kind of horrible medical condition? Something really obvious that neither of us could pick up on?

I think this calls for a poll, don't you? Vote below!


  1. Because I'm that girl...I googled it...still not sure, but my guess is an anteater.

  2. I vote for Aardvark, but I don't know how "exotic" these are....


  3. First thing that came to mind was aardvark. Or maybe Alf?

  4. I also say aardvark. Too freakin' funny!

  5. Heheheh! I totally say anteater. I love how you got all sorts of exotic towel animals. The craziest I ever got was a swan. *Sigh*

  6. What on earth where the eyes made out of??? Free sultanas??


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