January 3, 2009

Making it pretty

One of the goals - not resolutions, mind - I set for myself this year is to finish sorting and processing our wedding photos so I can create an album of some kind. Frank the Wonder Photog took over 2,800 photos, so it's obviously not a quick process: I have to sort through all the images, select the best ones, then subtly retouch those to improve the lighting, contrast, and make myself look beeyootiful. (Not that I need any help. OK maybe just a little.)

Anyway, we were married last May and my goal is to have a completed book in my lap by our first anniversary - but retouching so many photos is tedious at best, which is why it's a project that I keep starting and then stopping. Or procrastinating by writing blog posts. Of course, it's worth the effort to see this:

Turn into this:

And this:

Into this:

Or this:

Into this:

And to be reminded that I'm lucky to be married to someone who looks at me like this:

God I love this photo. I'll take any excuse to post it.

872 down. 1,930 to go. I'd better get back to work.


  1. Times like these i really wish I knew how to use photoshop or whatever. Possibly could be helpful if I owned such a beast?

  2. OMG will you PLEASE do mine too?! ;)

  3. Laura, I would totally do yours except that you and Matt are ridiculously good looking people who had a ridiculously good looking wedding in a ridiculously good looking venue. I don't think there's much I could improve!

    I, on the other hand, quite clearly resemble a beached dugong in many of my photos and require much in the way of digital assistance. :-P

  4. What beautiful pictures, you've done a great job! Love your dress - I obviously need to read back into your archives more!! Good luck with the project :)


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