November 22, 2008

Movember Update - Day 21

Question: how many photos does it take to get a good picture of Ben on Day 21 of the Movember challenge?

Even in the best photo, the poor guy still looks wrecked - and I don't blame him, since he spent the last few weeks studying like crazy for his final exams. The 'stache seems to thrive on stress though, since it has fluffed out quite a bit in the last week (is fluffed the right word?):

Nerds will notice Call of Duty 4 in the background. I ambushed him in his Man Cave.

Oh, and see the slight part in the middle? He's intentionally cultivating that so it will be more like Earl's:

Hmm. He has a part AND a slight droopy thing going on. Must alert Ben.

Bet y'all wish YOUR husband had a redneck hero, don't you?

The requisite plug: this really is a great charity, so if you'd like to help support men's health awareness, visit the official Movember website and enter the registration number 1580196 to view Ben's profile and make a donation.

1 comment:

  1. OMG. It's certainly getting more obvious.....

    Yes, I noticed the obvious man-cave ambush. My brother's mancave looks scarily similar. (ie. computer)

    Gotta love the Earl moustache!!
    And open your goddamn eyes, ben!!


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