November 16, 2008

Movember Update - Day 14

Well, it's Day 14 of the Movember challenge, and The Earl is coming along nicely:

Posing for posterity on the couch in his Man Cave.

Yeah. I have to kiss that 'stache. Jealous?

Ben has also requested that his incredibly redneck stylish new sideburns be featured in this update, since he's specially cultivating them to, uh, enhance his 'stache:

Two weeks of mustache. One week of sideburns. A day's worth of beard. My honey is all class.

Only two weeks to go!

Another requisite plug: this really is a great charity, so if you'd like to help support men's health awareness, visit the official Movember website and enter the registration number 1580196 to view Ben's profile and make a donation.

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