July 23, 2014

Four things

One: We've all seen Weird Al's parody of "Blurred Lines" at this point, yes? If not, you're welcome in advance:

b) Literary shoes!

3 - 51 London benches turn into classic books. LOVE. (Bonus: 50 Sherlocks visited the Sherlock bench.)

IV. And now a non-literary one: Women Who are Ambivalent about Women Against Women Against Feminism. Go read. Now.

July 17, 2014

Pirates vs the Volcano

Earlier today, the Pirates cheerfully asked me if we could do a science experiment. Little nerds like their mama, eh? After a bit of thought, I decided on an old classic, guaranteed to please a couple of mess loving boys: the baking soda volcano.

Instead of sculpting an exterior, we went outside. This part of our backyard will be a veggie garden in the spring, but for now it's just a big patch of dirt. I showed them how to bury an old soda bottle...

...carefully patting the mountain into shape.

I added the warm water, food coloring and baking soda before passing over a container of vinegar:

BOOM! Science!

Volcanos rock!

As much as they enjoyed the volcano, I think they liked digging the bottle out even more. Kids are weird, man.

They loved this and are already asking what else we can make - guess I'd better find a few more activities we can do!

July 11, 2014


The Pirates' preschool class runs three days a week, and there's no before/after school care available. For those three days, I'm a slave to their school hours, and then I'm home with them all day on Thursdays. So I get very little downtime completely to myself...except Fridays.

On that day, I work my usual five hours but the Pirates are in daycare for seven...and I get a blissful two hours completely to myself.

Today, those two hours are being spent like this:

Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all!

July 9, 2014

Woe is me

Lots of silence here lately, I know.

Most of June and all of July (so far) have sucked; I've been non-stop sick for nearly a month. First a bad cold with a lingering cough, then another cold piling on top of the first one...I've been expecting this guy to show up on my doorstep for the last couple of weeks:

[stolen from here]

It's been pretty much total suckage, and since I've spent weeks coughing up disgusting chunks, I haven't even been able to run regularly (my usual "make me feel better" fallback).

So let's list some happy things, m'kay?

On the last run I was able to take, this is what it looked like - gotta love this time of year!

And speaking of this time of year, we need a coat rack - what do we think of this one? So yellow! So cheerful!

[stolen from here]

And for the Potterphiles, there's a new Harry Potter (very) short story, released under the guise of a gossip column.

[stolen from here]

Hit me with your happy things!

June 27, 2014

Four things

Check out the world's oldest known pants!

Custom sterling silver silhouette pendants. Clearly I need two of these:

The final book in the Dust Lands series is out! Woohoo! If you're a fan of post-apocalyptic YA fiction, you should pick these up for sure.

P.S. Go home with your "adults should be embarassed to read YA lit," Slate. You're drunk. 

Not only is Reading Rainbow coming back (YAY!) but the first few episodes will feature Star Trek actors (DOUBLE YAY!). It's like my entire life has led up to this point!

June 9, 2014

Happy birthday, dear Lizzy

Today is a public holiday in Australia: the day we observe the Queen's birthday. Naturally, to a pair of 4-year-olds, this translates directly to: "Can we make a cake?!"

So we did:

I only just noticed they picked nearly matching shirts to wear this morning. And I swear I didn't pose them like that - those are their "THERE IS CAKE PRESENT" faces, heh.

I hope Her Royal Highness likes banana cake (this one, of course). And animal print candles. 

And what's a royal birthday celebration without some tea?

Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth!

June 6, 2014

Everything is awesome

At four years old, the Pirates have hurled themselves into creating increasingly detailed imaginary worlds with every tool at their disposal.

Yesterday, they made this:

I have no idea what it is.

I'm certain there's a highly specific story behind all of these parts, a way to make it all make sense.

But I'm not asking.

Because I love not knowing.

I love looking at what they've made, the effort and imagination, and saying...

"...man, my kids are weird."

We're about to upgrade them from Duplo to real Legos. I can't wait to see what they build out of that!
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