November 29, 2014

November 26, 2014

Librarian super happy fun time

When the awesome Librarian Problems posted this last week...
When I get to visit another library:
...I started cackling wildly because TRUE. SO TRUE. It was especially funny because I was eagerly looking forward to the adventure I had scheduled for this week: visiting my friend Kylie at her library.

Earlier this afternoon, I finally rocked up here:

I'd never visited a medical library before, and geeked out over the National Library of Medicine classification scheme:

Yes, there is life after Dewey.

In addition to the recent material, there's a section with historical books...

...and a tiny fiction section with a mix of genres - including a number of L. Ron Hubbard books, oddly enough:

The library has some nifty historical items too, like this clock donated in memory of a polio victim...

Say cheese, Kylie!

...and cool old photos from the hospital's past:

I love visiting other libraries - it's so much fun to get all nerdy with my fellow librarians!

November 24, 2014

Run for your Life(line)

Over the weekend I had my last official race of the year: the Lifeline Fun Run 5k. It sounded like a cool event - a chance to run on the brand new Majura Parkway before it's opened to traffic. Unfortunately, it wasn't the awesome event I was hoping for. Booo.

On Friday I set out to pick up my race packet, driving to the address included in the info address which belonged to a completely unrelated real estate company (*cue warning music*).

As I pulled out my phone to try to locate the correct building, a receptionist came out with a big sign redirecting runners to a different office several blocks down. I moseyed down to the correct address...

...and hopped in the short line to pick up my race packet:

Sunday rolled around bright and hot. Really, really hot. Crazy stinkin' hot.

I drove out to start line at Mount Majura Vineyard, and promptly realized I really needed to pee. Unfortunately the lines for the portapotties was at least 20 minutes long, and I only had about 15 minutes until the race started. I'd also forgotten to slather on sunscreen before I left home - race officials said there would be some available near the starting line, but I couldn't find it (*warning music ramps up*).

So I pinned on my bib...

Race nails!

...took the ritual pre-race selfie...

...and tried not to think about how much I needed to use the bathroom. Damn.

The temperature kept climbing, and I was covered in sweat by the time the starting gun went off. I trotted through the first 1.5km or so, and then it all started to fall apart. The heat was absolutely killer - by the time I hit the halfway point, I had dropped to a walk and was actively fantasizing about swimming pools and sprinklers.

Looking back at the turnaround point. 

I grabbed a cup of water at the drink station, and gratefully accepted when a volunteer offered to dump a pitcher of water over my back.

I had beaten my 5k personal record several times during training runs, and was hoping to officially set a new record this race. Yeah, not so much. Between the heat, the needing-to-pee, and a building thirst, I pretty much gave up at this point and just power walked to the finish line, only running for the last 500 meters or so.

When I finally crossed the finish line, I immediately headed for the water station...

...only to discover it was out of water. (*warning music reaches a crescendo*)


Hot, angry runners were redirected to a giant bucket...

...and since they weren't handing out cups, everyone had to splash their hands into it to scoop up drinks and dump water over their heads. I'm far from a germophobe, but the idea of sharing a drink trough even gave me pause - but thirst won out, and I scooped up a handful. (Note: I saw later when I was driving out that they'd gotten the drinking fountain working again, but it was too little, too late for a lot of runners.)

Amazingly, my official time showed that I finished a little better than middle of the pack - which says less about my speed than about how oppressively hot it was, heh! But hey, I still got a medal:

And a bit of sunburn:

I have one last unofficial race on the books for next month, and then I'm done with races until next year - hard to believe!

November 15, 2014

Four things


This article on the Knowledge - the test London cabbies must take - is FASCINATING. Go read it.


How did I only just see this story?! A town turned an abandoned Wal-Mart into a library. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!


The Ingenuity and Beauty of Creative Parchment Repair in Medieval Books. *swoon*


Amazing vintage hotel interiors. One has a pool in the casino!

November 13, 2014

Date day

Yesterday Ben and I had one of those rarest of opportunities: a midweek child-free day.

That morning we had the orientation for at the primary school the Pirates will be attending starting in February - since I work part time, it didn't make sense for me to take most of the day off, and then go to work for just an hour or so. When Ben heard I was taking the entire day off, he decided to use up some of his pile of flex time so we could have a date day together - yay!

First up that morning was the school orientation, which came with thick packets of paperwork:

Hard to believe the Pirates will be in kindergarten next year, isn't it?!

When we were released at 11am, we headed to the mall to do a little shopping before hitting up Grill'd for lunch:

HIS EYES ARE OPEN! It's a miracle, you guys.

I love the funky artwork on their walls...

...particularly the bird-headed figure coming out of the washing machine (don't ask):

It reminds me of Col Chestbridge from Danger 5, a bizarre and hilarious show my brother introduced us to (he assumed we'd already be familiar with it because it was made in, no):

NAZI DINOSAURS. Enough said. 

And then on to the main event: an afternoon showing of Interstellar!

I didn't really know what to expect, other than an epic sci-fi film - I hadn't watched any previews or even read a synopsis, but I like Christopher Nolan's work so I figured it would be a pretty interesting movie regardless. And it was! Intriguing, ambitious, emotional, and of course visually stunning.

All up, a pretty awesome date day!

November 9, 2014

Li'l nerds

This morning we took the boys on a special trip: to buy their first comic books!

After seeing a few issues at the library, the boys begged for some "superhero books" of their own -- so this morning we headed to the city center to visit Impact Comics for some age-appropriate material. They were smitten from the moment they stepped through the door...

...and were pretty pleased to walk out with a few issues of their very own:

On our way back to the car, we made a pit stop at the iconic Canberra carousel...

...before heading home for more comic book reading:

We ended up buying Batman: Li'lGotham, Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse, Hero Cats, Genie the Genius, and Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man.

Since decent comics for young kids are a bit rare (most seem to be based on video games and crappy cartoons), a few of those series are now defunct. Neither Ben are comic nerds, so we don't know anything beyond what was available on the shelves -- if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

November 6, 2014

Might as well

I realized the other day that I've basically designed my entire running motivational strategy around passiveness.

Like a lot of runners, the biggest obstacle I face when I run is often not physical pain, but mental roadblocks; my incredibly lazy way of combating those is to mentally shrug, eh - might as well.

My alarm goes off waaaay too early. But now I'm awake. Might as well get up.

Well, I'm up. Might as well put my shoes on.

Got my shoes on. Might as well head out the door and use them.

I'm out here now. Might as well run.

This hill is a bitch. I'll let myself walk when I reach the top. [at the top] Well, it's an easy downhill from here. Might as well keep going.

My favorite running song is playing! Might as well rock it a little. 

I'm over halfway done. It's mostly over now. Might as well keep going.

Only another few minutes to go now. Might as well finish strong. 

Might as well.
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